Sunday, 24 May 2015

GNOME Asia 2015

I've just arrived back from GNOME Asia and it's time to blog about the experience there.

The trip to Jakarta was relatively uneventful. An early train to Sydney started the day followed by the trip to Singapore. A tight connection (1 hour) combined with switching terminals made life a little interesting. The fact that one of the Changi terminal connection AirTrain's was out of service meant we were bussed across the tarmac. Then to find the gate and the aeroplane, and the short trip to Jakarta.

After landing in Jakarta, I was meant to meet up with a local Indonesian, however different terminal exit points meant that we missed each other and a phone call was necessary on another local's mobile phone. After meeting there was a bus trip followed by a KRL (train) trip followed by a ride on a Ojek (motorcycle) which made for an interesting trip to my sleeping quarters. A local meal was followed swiftly by some horizontal time.

Some early breakfast consisting of an interesting mix of bread, cheese and condensed milk was followed by a short walk to the conference venue where the workshops were to take place. As can be seen from the schedule The workshops started out with the a talk about the GNOME Indonesian translation. The workshop was presented in Bahasa Indonesia and unfortunately which I could not understand. He however had lots of pictures and gleaned some information from them. The following workshops by on contributing to GNOME and creating your first GNOME application were an interesting experience on how some people enter the GNOME contributor ecosystem. During the day, some fellow GStreamer hackers Arun and Nirbheek arrived and a mini reunion was held.

I attended a number of talks about using and promoting GNOME within the Indonesian shoe industry, the GNOME release cycle and a number of lightning talks. I also met a number of new people from Europe, David, Ekaterina, Alexandre and Andre. Originally I had planned on giving a rather technical talk on integrating GStreamer video and Gtk+ with respect to API use and best practices. However, after the first day, I felt a more general overview of the topic would fit better with the audience. So I adjusted the focus of my talk to include a more general overview of video handling within GStreamer

Overall, it was a time well spent catching up and meeting new people. I would like to thank the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring my travel.

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